An Introduction to Self Proclaimed Abortion Pills

abortion pills

Abortion Pills (MTP kit) are aimed to bring an abortion of a woman, which is less than 9 weeks pregnant. It is designed to use in abortion clinics or at home. There is no involvement in any kind of surgery or medical equipment’s for abortion process. When a woman visits an abortion clinic, her medical report is taken for checking whether she can take any medicines or whether she has an illness.  The risk factors such as excessive bleeding are identified to understand whether the abortion pills would be suitable for her.  The clinic confirms that the pregnancy is an ongoing embryo which is single and it is less than nine weeks size and it is located in the womb.  If the pregnancy doesn’t  fit into this category, then it is unsafe for the clinic to prescribe the tablets used for abortion.

When such situations arise, the clinic will discuss some alternative methods which were  used at the time of abortion period. If the situation is suitable, the woman can take the pills at the clinic with a sufficient interval of time. There is a specialist doctor available at the clinic to handle any complications during the abortion process like the excessive bleeding or collapsing.

Is Abortion Pill Effective?

The medical  abortion with the abortion pill is really effective one and it works in 97 percent all the times. You need to consult with your health care provider after an abortion is done and we can make sure that it has worked well. Some medicines which are  used in abortion can cause serious problems like birth defects if the pregnancy stage continues. If it doesn’t work, you need to have an aspiration abortion for ending the pregnancy. 

Abortion with Pills:

The safe and the best method for the woman to make abortion herself through the 12th week of pregnancy is to use medicines like Mifepristone and Misoprostol. If we are living in a country where the safe abortion is not possible, then you need to try the pills for abortion. By using the Misoprostol medicine, the abortion can be successful  90 percent all the time.  At  the first time, if it is not suitable then try after 3 days. Those who are living in the country where safe and legal abortion is possible, then visit the doctor.  Many women attempt to have an abortion by keeping sharp or objects into the womb or punching the belly. This is really dangerous and it can cause a high risk of wounding inside of a woman. It can cause infection and heavy bleeding. 

For most of the woman, the pregnancy ending is really a difficult one. If the woman cannot discuss the abortion with a health care provider, then it is advised  to talk with a good friend or a relative. If it is a young girl, then she should consult with her parents or adult whom she finds most  comfortable and discuss the procedure of abortion. Woman who wants  to end her pregnancy and is having no other way, then she needs to study the instructions properly and discuss with a friend whom she can trust more.

How do Misoprostol work during an Abortion?

Misoprostol works best in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy period.  After this period, there is an increased risk of complication and we need a medical attention. If you are using Misoprostol after 12 weeks, then understand the instructions carefully.  The Misoprostol can cause contractions of the womb and due to this womb expels the pregnancy. There will be painful cramps and more vaginal blood is lost and it is more than a normal Menstruation.  There is a big risk of heavy bleeding, which a woman can be treated by the doctor. By using the Misoprostol,  the abortion will be successful with  90 percent. The medicine is available in all pharmacies and available in all countries. The treatment is having complications and it is same as that of a spontaneous abortion. If any problem happens, the woman can visit the hospital or consult any doctor for proper care. If the women are  having an intrauterine device, then don’t use Misoprostol. A small coil which is about 3 cm in inserted by a doctor into the womb for preventing the pregnancy. If the woman is having intrauterine device and also she is pregnant, then she must have an ultrasound made, because there is a higher risk of ectopic pregnancy and if the pregnancy is happening in the uterus, it is necessary to have an intrauterine device removed before doing the abortion.

If the woman is allergic to Misoprostol, then don’t use the Misoprostol medicine. Some woman will be allergic to such medicines.  If the woman is having a risk of sexually transmitted infection, which is also known as sexually transmitted disease, then arrange a test with the doctor so that  the infection will be treated with utmost care. Such infections appear only if the woman is raped or had sex with an unknown person. There is a risk of inflammation of the womb and also the Fallopian tubes. Such inflammation is known as pelvic inflammatory disease.

Getting Misoprostol: 4 Pills consumed after 24 hours of Mifepristone

Misoprostol is available in some countries and also in local pharmacies where they use it alone. It is good to do a medical abortion with Misoprostol and Mifepristone. She will have the abortion successfully if she uses Misoprostol only. The brand names of this medication  are Cytotec and Arthrotec. In some countries, it is available without a prescription. In certain cases, a prescription is required. Misoprostol medicine is used to prevent gastric ulcers. In some countries, abortion is illegal and incorrect use of Misoprostol can be harmful to the health of the woman. For getting a successful abortion, one must take 12 tablets.

Using Misoprostol:

A woman must take 4 pills of 200 micrograms. The medicine must be placed under the tongue. Do not  swallow the pills when placed under the tongue. After 3 hours, the person needs to put 4 pills again under the tongue. For the third time again 4 pills must be placed under the tongue. Do not swallow the pills. If a woman uses Arthrotec for abortion, she should place 4 tablets under the tongue till the outer mantle is dissolved. It will take  half an hour for it. Spit out the inner hard tablet.
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