Consulting before Abortion : Safer ways (including telephone consultation)

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Consultation appointment via WhatsApp or Phone Call – +91-7652806430

During the Covid-19 outbreak women will routinely have a telephone / WhatsApp consultation with a Doctor rather than a face to face consultation in the clinic. When you do attend a clinic you cannot bring an escort with you unless:

  • you are aged under 18
  • you are a prisoner
  • you need physical help, or lack the mental capacity to decide

Everything you tell us is kept private. Doctors, nurses and health workers cannot share information about you without your agreement unless they think that you or another person is in serious danger. In these exceptional cases they would try to discuss it with you first.

Telephone consultation

Most women will have a telephone consultation appointment lasting around 40 minutes. During this you need to be on your own, somewhere safe where you can speak openly.

At the beginning of the call we confirm your personal information and ask some security questions. We then talk about your pregnancy options and if you decide to end the pregnancy we undertake your medical assessment, discuss your treatment options, book your treatment and formally consent you for treatment. We also talk about your payment methods available with us if you decided to purchase abortion pills.

You can get delivery and tracking number once you paid for your medication.


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