How do I get the abortion pill? Los Angles CA

As California’s efforts to enshrine abortion access continue, the University of California and California State University are working to provide medication abortions on all campuses by this year.

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What is medication abortion?

It means intentionally ending a pregnancy using abortion pills.

Abortion pills were introduced in the US 22 years ago and have slowly, but steadily, replaced other abortion procedures. Over 50% of the abortions in the US are carried out using pills, according to the Guttmacher Institute. Typically, they are prescribed by a doctor or nurse, and the patient sees a health professional before and after taking them.

Are abortion pills better than surgical abortion?

Early in pregnancy, a surgical abortion is a procedure in which a doctor uses an aspirator—basically a plastic tube—to suck out the contents of the uterus. It’s over in one day.

Medication abortion takes longer—several days. But it’s more private and lets people avoid running a gauntlet of clinic protesters. Medication abortion is also less expensive. It usually costs about $200 to $300, versus $750 to $1,000 for a surgical abortion, depending on insurance and other factors.

What is telemedicine abortion?

Telemedicine abortion is an at-home abortion carried out with pills under remote supervision of a doctor.

Telemedicine abortion became popular during the covid-19 pandemic and is permitted in several US states. It usually involves an online consultation with a doctor who will help determine how far along the pregnancy is and prescribe the pills, which arrive by mail or get picked up at a pharmacy. Telemedicine abortion providers include Carafem and Aid Access.


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