Privacy Policy

We Do Not Sell & Ship any Medicine to India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Privacy Policy assures complete privacy and security of online transactions. No personal details of the user are disclosed in any manner to the third party sites / individuals / business. The privacy policy is to ensure complete assurance to the customers. In no manner, is responsible for third party website links and applications that are accessed by the customers during the purchase or browsing period. is in compliance with the data security and privacy policy and any disclosure of such private information is restricted.

Shipping Policies

  • is not liable for delays in case there are any type of unpredictable situations (Natural calamities, strike, unavoidable local transport holiday, etc)
  • At, we ship the products and ensure quick delivery to our customers.
  • The product shipping period involve the following:

a) Priority Shipping- 3 to 4 (working) days. b) Express Shipping- 4 to 6 (working) days. c) Regular Shipping- 8 to 15 (working) days.

  • Customers will be duly notified with confirmation emails for every online booking and the orders can be tracked with the tracking code. Users will be provided with an email that will involve the billing and shipping address so as to verify the delivery information.
  • Customers are requested to check email SPAM folder in case.
  • Kindly be informed that in case the customer is not available during delivery and the pack is delivered back to, the customer is liable to pay the re-shipping charges.

Cancellation Policy

  • In case of incorrect customer address, no cancellation will be entertained and the cancellation request will be considered as an invalid one.
  • No Cancellation on products that are already booked or shipped.

Refund Policy

Customers are requested to read the Refund policy prior to purchasing.
Refund query is accepted only on the below circumstances:

  • Damage during transit: In case the products get damaged during the process of delivery, the user will be refunded fully or allowed to opt for fresh parcel at no cost. During such cases, no shipping charges are charged.
  • Non-Delivery: The user is eligible for full refund in case the goods remain undelivered beyond delivery period by

Refund query is not acceptable and will not be processed in the below cases:

  • Booked and Cancelled: The user is required to read the policies thoroughly prior to booking. No refund to be processed in any case due to any user error.
  • Unavailability of the customer: If the customer is unavailable during the delivery and if the delivery packs returns back to, no refund will be accepted. In case of re-shipping, the customer will have to pay for the shipping charges for delivery of the product.

Customers are requested to provide accurate and detailed shipping address during booking.

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