A-Kare Kit : Mifepristone Misoprostol Pack

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This medicine is a combination of two other medicines called Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Mifepristone acts as an anti-hormone drug that helps to stop the effects of progesterone. It is used for the therapeutic execution of pregnancy. Misoprostol is a successful way to enlarge the uterine contractions.

A-Kare Kit is effective for avoiding pregnancy for more time. You must learn the appropriate mode of using this kit from our website. Females can buy Abortion Pills from here at very good prices at the United Kingdom.

COMPOSITION:  A pack of A-Kare Kit contains 5 tablets – 1 tablet of Mifepristone…200 mg 4 tablets of Misoprostol…200 mcg


A-Kare Kit, contains two medicines used for the termination of an early pregnancy.

How does A-Kare Kit work?

It is a combination of two active ingredients, Mifepristone and Misoprostol. These pills can be purchased online from our store at the best price. We deliver at your doorsteps with express DHL shipping.

Mifepristone works by blocking the effects of progesterone. It is required by the body to sustain a pregnancy. Progesterone makes sure that the lining of the womb does not break down as happens in a menstrual cycle. By inhibiting progesterone, uterine contractions will be induced, which will cause abortion.

When is A-Kare Kit prescribed?

It is used to terminate the pregnancy. Doctors prescribe this medicine to women who have been pregnant for 50 days or 7 weeks and want an abortion. The drug is also prescribed to manage blood sugar levels in patients suffering from Cushing’s syndrome.

Precautions and Warnings – When to Avoid A-Kare Kit?

There are a number of reasons that a doctor may advise a substitute instead of A-Kare kit (Plan C Pills). Inform your physician of any other medication or supplements (including homeopathic and ayurvedic medication) that you are taking at the same duration. You may be advised to take a different medicine if:

  • You have any prior allergies to the ingredients of the A-Kare kit.
  • Your other medications include some form of anticoagulants.
  • Your pregnancy is abnormal (ectopic) and may require a different procedure. Doctors also advise against it in case of surgical or dentistry procedure due in the foreseeable future, as it may interfere with aesthetic.
  • Higher risks are also present for those who are 35 years or older, smoke heavily (defined as more than ten cigarettes daily) and those who have liver, kidney, or lung diseases, or have asthma. If there is a chance of renal impairment or adrenal failure, the patient may be advised to use a different medication.
  • Patients with a history of cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease may be at risk of dangerous side-effects.

Uses and Benefits of A-Kare Kit:

The primary function of the A-Kare Kit is to terminate a pregnancy before two months has concluded, but may be used up to ten weeks.

However, it can also help in a number of other disorders, including:

  • It can induce menses
  • It can help with extensive blood loss problems
  • Labour induction in case of the death of the fetus, or in case the surgical procedure is required to save the mother.
  • Women with endometriosis may be recommended the use of A-Kare Kit
  • Patients who have Cushing’s syndrome and insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus may require A-Kare Kit to manage their blood sugar levels.
  • It may also be used in breast cancer treatment, treatment of gastric ulcers, or duodenal ulcers, Meningioma, uterine leiomyoma or some gastrointestinal injuries.

Side Effects of A-Kare Kit:

As the A-Kare Kit works primarily by inhibiting the progesterone levels, it has high chances of side-effects. While some side effects may be relatively mild, some side effects could be life-threatening. The conditions of the patients must be monitored closely and should consult the physician in case of persistent side-effects.

  • Excessive and persistent bleeding from the vagina, and painful menses
  • Uterine contractions or cramping in the hours following intake and abdominal pain
  • Uterine infections, or any other infection
  • Milder side-effects of A-Kare Kit are indigestion and insomnia, itching of the genital areas, etc. Persistence of these side effects may indicate infection, and the patient should consult a physician.

Common Dosage of A-Kare Kit:

It is not the same as i-pill; it is not an over the counter medicine and should absolutely not be taken without a physician’s prescription. The dosage will change depending on the patient’s health, age, weight, and other conditions. Self-prescription can lead to serious problems.

A-Kare kit is meant to be taken orally or vaginally. The tablet should be allowed to dissolve by itself in the cheek. If any bit of it remains, it may be swallowed with water. The initial course is usually for a week, requiring a physician’s consultation after 7 days.

  • How long does it take for A-Kare medicine to take effect?
    This medicine is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream upon oral administration and reaches the peak levels within 1-2 hours.
  • How long do the effects of this medicine last?
    The effect of this medicine lasts for an average duration of 7-10 days.
  • Is it safe to consume alcohol while taking this medicine?
    Interaction with alcohol is unknown. It is advisable to consult your doctor before consumption.
  • Is this a habit-forming medicine?
    No habit forming tendencies were reported.
  • Can this medicine be taken during pregnancy?
    The use of this medicine is acceptable for medical termination of intrauterine pregnancy which is 63-70 days old. However, the use of this medicine for the control of elevated blood sugar levels along with elevated cortisol level is not recommended for pregnant women. It should be noted that a failed attempt to terminate pregnancy might result in severe complications.
  • Can this medicine be taken while breastfeeding?
    The use of this medicine should be avoided by women who are breastfeeding. However, if it becomes necessary to use this medicine then breastfeeding should be discontinued. Consult your doctor regarding the potential benefits and risks involved before taking this medicine.

4 reviews for A-Kare Kit : Mifepristone Misoprostol Pack

  1. Avery

    I recommended Mifepristone to every women who wants to terminate her pregnancy upto 9 weeks. In starting was freaking, but as I took it, I was very glad with its results. It is really very effective. Yes, I got heavy bleeding, but it is very normal to very consumer.

  2. Elsie

    “I just wanted to hop on here and say DO NOT READ THE AWFUL REVIEWS. They’re very unlikely to happen, I was bawling before taking my pills because I was so scared. Did I have bad cramps? Yes of course. Did I make it through? Yes, it only lasts for a short period of time! You CAN do it babe! Good luck!”

  3. Elsie

    Thanks a lot for giving my package in discreet packaging. It saved me from letting anyone know about my abortion process.

  4. Avery

    Thanks a lot for giving my package in discreet packaging. It saved me from letting anyone know about my abortion process.

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